a toast

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yielding (ryan woodward)

A Toast

Ladies and gentlemen, to Yes:

No matter how I call you

your name is always the same.

And so it is: Yes.

And who am I?  I am no maker or creator, no sewer of men. I too have but one name to which I bend.

So, Yes: we will have no chisels

no broken bones

nor the crossing of words.

Just this, and now and then, sometimes.

Force the vintage and the tongue suffers–

Yes: I understand.

A toast: to no, and every Yes to be born in the space that it makes.


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yield and overcome

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If I move just slightly back as your fist comes forward, you may never hit me. it’s that simple. I’m going to let the rest of this speak for itself, as truth always can. I hope this speaks to you.

Yield and overcome;
Bend and be straight;
Empty and be full;
Wear out and be new;
Have little and gain;
Have much and be confused.

Therefore the wise embrace the one
And set an example to all.
Not putting on a display,
They shine forth.
Not justifying themselves,
They are distinguished.
Not boasting,
They receive recognition.
Not bragging,
They never falter.
They do not quarrel,
So no one quarrels with them.
Therefore the ancients say, “Yield and overcome.”
Is that an empty saying?
Be really whole,
And all things will come to you.

(Tao 22)

“The other Taoist central idea maintains that “Weakness is the usage of Tao” (Lao Tzu, Chap. 40). The best embodiment of this axiom is water. People may obtain the cognizance of Tao by contemplating water. The highest good is like water, not only because water is good at benefiting the myriad creatures, but also because water, which is nurturing, soft, weak and flexible, can vanquish hard and strong obstacles by selecting alternatives to reach its goals. As water does not compete, nobody can compete with it (Lao Tzu, Chap. 8 & 78). “

-excerpt from How to Overcome without Fighting: An Introduction to The Taoist Approach to Conflict Resolution by Key Sun, Department of Law and Justice , Central Washington University


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At night you lay down to sleep between tracks

Of an imaginary train

And every day when it crushes you

I feel it too.

I watch you drown on dry land


I can’t breathe.

From your lungs comes a cold wind that steals the heat of the sun before it can touch your face and I cannot make you warm.

so I freeze too.

and my happy melts away under the knowledge of your broken heart.

But not in two

it is dust I can only scoop up in my hands

and watch run through my fingers.

exodus 40

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‘Until the day’
be it in my mouth ever 
And not ‘what—‘
(oh, answerless question
to make one stare into the distance
to look for what no eye may see)
‘—what will be?’
All of life, what makes life
stands there between.
From now unto then
from then unto now:
and all things
be not disavowed.
What is to be
is one day what was;
the paint will be dry
but what is the piece?
Both artist
and subject,
and yet, cannot see.
I’ve been told—
I have faith
in the tapestry
And in the going up of the cloud from off the tabernacle the sons of Israel journey in all their journeys; and if the cloud go not up, then they journey not– until the day of its going up. -exodus 40


note: I usually have an image to round out the imagery…couldn’t find one for this. feel free to suggest one, send a link in a comment <3love

a year from summer

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what happened out there
i'm still not sure
a ghost town
a barrel key
3,000 miles
my best friend
and me.

sufjan sings: "all things go, all things go"
and “I've made a lot of mistakes..”
well I’ve made a lot
of mistakes
and what happens now?
and still
I wait
to know

Pull over, I said
we don’t have this at home
your grass is my gold
I never asked
you never told
I dreamt and you drove

future tense

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Romans 8:24, 25

I am not what I am but who I am.

I Am is, so too who I am is;

But also is not:

all here

or right now

or done.

But when I Am

is who I am

I am




And until I am who I am

I am

Will Be.

Don’t Water Too Much

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this photo courtesy of that time we tried to make ted fat

This post is dedicated to Ted Teddy Theo Theodore Didday:  my treeclimbing, John Mayer p’wning, Autotuning, making Songs For Youing, Scoots Mcgootsing, licorice-eating, Kenny G Christmas music in Maying, pokerfacing, sushi rolling, Lion Kinging, salmon-worshipping ( ;p ), bringing mutton-chops backing, Schni schna schnapping, Phishing, It’s Always Sunnying, hula-hooping, dumpster divingest roomie.

As you may (probably not) know, I’m moving off Pennsylvania Ave and out of my apartment when I leave for the East Coast in a few weeks. Hence, Ted and I will be roommates in spirit only–which saddens me.

Ted, *ladies* is awesome. Also, Theo’s rediculously talented in the musical arena, like some kind of instrumental gladiator, with less blood and more ukulele. That’s awesome², for the mathematically challenged among us. He has a website/amazing service called Songs Made For You (SMFY–“Smiffy”, for short). Check that out and order yoself up a song! You absolutely will not be disappointed. Make sure you order something both T-Payne inspired and incorporating a harpsichord–then sit back and have your  mind blown.

mini-logo Here was supposed to be a link to a song he wrote me one day, just cause he’s awesome (did I mention that? I feel like I did…) but the link won’t work. It was called Don’t Water Too Much and in it he gave the musical bird to a guy that foolishly broke my heart. Pssht.

Oh! and his band, Libros En Fuego, is awesome. So, awesome³ (when I said the mathematically challenged among us I meant…me.) If you’re in the mid-Cal region, you like jazz mixed with funk mixed with jellyfish costumes and possibly a teensy bit o’ Luther Vandross, and you enjoy seeing a bunch of rediculously talented people kill it onstage–check out one of their shows coming up soon….HERE!

Tedrick's banda

Tedrick's banda

Anywho, Ted is awesome, annnnnd I miss him, annnnnd if you are a hot single lady, robot, or lady robot you should look him up in Santa Cruz and go support his band and buy a song and ask him to take you dumpster diving on the back of his scooter.

You’ll love it, or your money back!